Success stories
Catherine & Ray Parker
“This was an eye-opening experience!
Investing and retirement planning wasn’t our cup of tea and we used to prefer not even looking at it because it was confusing.

We have saved thousands of dollars from advisor fees and also from inappropriate investments – it’s amazing! Now we will have more money for ourselves when we retire. Your support team and the workshop meeting was a big help for us."
Karen Morgan
"Charlie… unbelievable. I don’t know how you managed to do it... but you actually made me understand the fundamentals of investing and finance.
So now I can control my own money and investments – never thought I could do that.

I’ve been saving money all my life and after I lost a lot of it in 2008 I was frightened to do anything and work with anyone… I totally froze and didn’t dare to do anything or move my money anywhere. 
Charlie, your program and consulting was THE solution to my problems and concerns.

Now I have no worries about my retirement, I know exactly what is going on with my money, how to manage it, and also how to reach my goal when I retire.

I feel so relieved and happy for having my future under control and it puts a smile on my face when I think of it. “The world is really simpler than we all think”, as you say.....

Love and appreciation. Karen M. "

Bruce Weinstein
"I signed up for this educational program a month ago and already within a couple of days after I was able to make improvements in my retirement plan. Most importantly I determined my destination in my retirement so I know which direction to go, investment wise.

The seminar was spot on and the material was helpful. We went through social security and how to get the most money out of it. We also went through different types of investments for retirement so that you don't run out of money.

The best thing is that I no longer need to pay thousands of dollars to in fees for investments that don’t do me any good. I cleared through them all with my advisor and that was like a “spring cleaning” which was really needed. I give workshops for retirement my best recommendations.

Many thanks, Bruce."

John E. Meier
“ Your educational program has helped my wife and I to take control of our finances and investments.

Before, we had an advisor who took care of our investments but we realized that he didn’t do a good job for us. With the knowledge we got from the social Security & investment workshop we now have a better understand of the rules and what to do with our retirement savings.”
Paul Cass
“Charlie has an outstanding ability to turn complex financial concepts into simple ideas and explanations. He is a great presenter, knowledgeable and has a lively personality.

His help and support has been priceless for me and my retirement plans so I can do the things I want to do.

I can only say; if you haven't done it, do it. It's worth the money and it's very valuable” 
Edward Jones
“Sometimes in life you have to be lucky... my luck stroke when I joined Charlie and his educational program.

Never have I seen or heard such easy explanations of investing and retirement planning – and I’ve attended quite a bit of investment seminars in my life! His knowledge and skills combined with his powerful drive and energy just makes this program and process interesting, eye-opening and very useful. 

This is a unique opportunity and I bet that you will be just as happy and satisfied as I am.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You’ve changed my financial future and thereby also my life.


Eric Walker
“Useful, informative, simple, hands-on, inspiring, and helpful… That pretty much describes Charlie Klarskov’s program where you really learn to take financial leadership no matter how good you are with numbers and investing.

Whether he talks about the economy, investing or retirement planning (or anything else) his perspective is fresh, well-thought and logic which most of the times can have a huge impact on the way you think and approach financial matters to reach success.

Charlie Klarskov is a man of the people because he truly cares about others’ journey to reach their desires and goals – a unique person with a good morale. I’m a big supporter of him and all his endeavors.

Appreciative and thankful for you, this program and your wonderful team.”

Sophia Reed
“ I was a little apprehensive about joining this program since I'd never heard about Charlie Klarskov… but I took his advice to take action so I signed up.

Just by following his guidance and steps I have acquired some unbelievable success in my financial life. I wish everyone could go through this for their retirement planning because this would be their leapfrog from where they are to where they want to be.

Thank you.”
Mario Rodriquez
So happy I crossed path with this seminar and I took action to sign up. It really didn’t take me long to change my financial future and this is something everyone can do. It saved me money from fees and commissions, and now  I know when to take my benefits from social security to get the most money. Thanks.”
James Black
“Simple and good presentation about taxes in retirement and retirement planning. I liked the presenter and he was very helpful.


Pete Englander
“I came across this workshop on facebook 3 weeks ago and I’m glad that happened.

I was so frustrated with my previous financial advisors and I still had a hard time figuring out social security and when I should claim.

I kind of thought it was impossible to find something like this, all educational and teching. This educational program is simple, informative, and very easy to follow.”
Julia Smith
“I enrolled in the workshops' retirement planning program because I needed certainty and safety in my retirement years and it sounded like it could be beneficial.

First I was a little unsure about his program but I’m so happy I signed up because it was much different than I thought. Easy to follow, good and funny presenter, good content and lots of new things I didn't know about my Social sec. benefits. 

It has helped me answer my finance questions as well it showed me step by step how to restructure my investments so I would have more money in retirement.


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